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Manila Law College Congratulates 30 Graduates for Passing the 2023 Bar Examinations

Manila Law College Congratulates 30 Graduates for Passing the 2023 Bar Examinations

Manila Law College (MLC) proudly celebrates the success of its 30 law graduates who recently passed the 2023 Bar examinations. These outstanding individuals have proven their legal prowess and dedication to their craft amidst the challenges brought by the pandemic. The recent bar exams were held on September 17, 20, and 24, 2023, and the results were released by the Supreme Court, revealing a passing rate of 36.77% out of 10,387 takers.

The 30 MLC bar passers will soon take part in the oath-taking and roll-signing ceremonies, which are set to happen on December 22, 2023. The grand event will be held at the prestigious SMX Convention Center in Pasay City, marking a significant milestone in the legal journey of these successful examinees.

This year’s bar examinations were not only a test of legal knowledge and competence but also a measure of resilience and adaptability. Amidst the uncertainties brought by the pandemic, these aspiring lawyers remained steadfast in their pursuit of excellence and have now emerged victorious.

MLC takes immense pride in its 30 law graduates who have emerged triumphant in their quest for a legal career. The impressive success rate of these MLC bar passers demonstrates the institution’s commitment to providing quality legal education and nurturing the skills and talents of its students.

As we congratulate these 30 bar passers, their names deserve a special mention as they embark on their professional journey in the legal field. They are:

ADIGUE, Jay Pee A.
ABARRO, Gilbert N.
ALMAZAN, Reine Jose T.
ARIMADO, Reychelle R.
CABANA, Adrian C.
CALAUOR, Titus Edison M.
CALMA, Nevicshky P.
CAMERO, Henzenita D.
CASANOVA, Zarahgen S.
CASTILLO, Rodolfo, Jr. V.
CAYABAN, Charmaine V.
CORDERO, Maria Lourdes F.
DATANGEL, Orlando A.
DE CASCO, Dexsie J.
DE GUZMAN, John Kenneth O.
DUCTA, Erich Leigh C.
ESPINOSA, Katrina Tania R.
FAVIS, Maria Leah D.
FRANCIA, Clarizel S.
LEQUIRON, Lorenz Joseph B.
MALANG, Jeanbert C.
MEDINA, Brian Jacob D.
MITRA, Laarni May I.
OLASA, Christine Aev T.
PITALLANO, Nicky Jonna P.
RODRIGUEZ, Ron Angelo V.
SIAPIAN, Aksyimeene S.
TABARANGAO, Juliane Paul G.

 These 30 MLC bar passers are a testament to the hard work, dedication, and perseverance that MLC embodies. As they begin their legal careers, we have no doubt that they will make significant contributions to the legal profession and leave an indelible mark in their respective fields of specialization.

MLC extends its warmest congratulations to these 30 bar passers and wishes them all the success in their future endeavors. May they continue to uphold the values and principles instilled in them by MLC, serving as beacons of justice, integrity, and excellence in the legal community.

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